Saturday, October 4, 2008

Mom & Dad's 31st Anniversary

Mom & Dad
Roses on the Bed
Rose Petals with Candles
(the picture doesn't look as good
as it was in person)

I know it has been a while since I have posted, so I catching up. So anyways it was my parents 31st Anniversary on Sept. 16th. My sister & I thought it would be nice for them to just get a short little getaway. So we got them a hotel downtown SLC. It wasn't much, but I am sure they enjoyed it. Before they got to the hotel Stephanie & I decorated the room a little. We just got them some treats that they would enjoy, roses, candles with rose petals, cute little bucket that we decorated & sparkling cidar (I just realized I didn't get a picture of this one though). Well my parents do deserve more than we did, but I am sure it was nice little getaway. We love you both very much!!

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Kayleen said...

That was a really nice gift and thank you for putting it all together. We enjoyed the "get away".