Sunday, September 7, 2008


Ok so Dawson was able to take golf lessons this summer in Ogden. He was so excited since his dad, step-mom, Andy (my boyfriend), & both grandpas like to golf. So I thought it would be fun to take Dawson to Swan Lakes in Layton on Aug. 30th. Of course I am not a golfer, but I wanted to come watch. So it was me, Dawson, my dad, & Andy that went. We got 2 carts, one for me & Andy then another for Dawson & Pops! Dawson seemed to have had a fun time. Towards the end of the course Dawson was about to give up, but he ended up finishing. I am not a big fan of golf but as long as we have a cart I am more than willing to join them in watching. It was a fun day. Thanks Andy & Pops for letting Dawson come golfing with you guys!!


Cosmo said...

I love your blog Candice and breakfast over the weekend was great! Now we are blog buddies! Your pictures are so cute. I not believe how fast Dawson has grown up! Need to get the boys together...they would have fun.

Hales Family said...

Hey Candice! What is up? It has been forver since I've seen you. You look great, Dawson is getting big. I am so glad to see your blog.