Monday, October 20, 2008

Gardiner Village!

Darth Vader aka Dawson
Pitri, Anastasia & Dawson
All of the Kids!
Darth Vader
Darth Vader & Pitri the Pirate

So we went to Gardiner Village on Saturday. Boy was it crowded, it was Witch a Palooza! There was so many kids & adults that were dressed up. We saw tons of Witches!! It was fun, but crazy at the same time. Here is a few pictures from the day!


Mekelle and Denny said...

What a cute Darth Vader! Looks like it was fun.

Kayleen said...

Thanks for posting those cute pictures. The kids look like they're having fun!

Steve & Sharalee said...

hey! you never told me you had a blog, I am so glad I noticed yours on Tasha's someday when i catch mine back up I will have to add yours to my list so I can be sure to check it out regularly. Very cute I wish we had a Gardner Village, good old Utah, I sure miss it sometimes.