Sunday, September 7, 2008

Dawson's 1st Soccer Game (Saturday)

Ok so I haven't put any blogs on here since the time I opened it. So I am just going to add some things, but of course they won't be order. SORRY!! Dawson was so excited about his first soccer game which was on Saturday Sept. 6th. He kept telling me that he wanted to play goalie. I said well why don't you try to play something out on the field. Well he ended up playing out on the field the first quarter & then he played goalie the 2nd quarter. The coach was good about letting the kids all take turns in playing goalie. His team WON 3-2. I am so proud of him. I think we need to start practicing in the back yard so he can get use to it.

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Kayleen said...

What a cute soccer player! I sure love that boy!